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Most NSR's are restricted when brought new.   This is because all European countries have learner laws which allow 17 year olds to ride bikes on L plates.  For the NSR to comply with the minimum power regulations it has to be restricted.  When you pass your test, you will eventually find that the power of the bike in 12bhp format is not enough, so Honda has made it possible to remove the restrictions.  There are 4 main restrictors which I will cover on this site.  Restrictors vary from country to country so if you have bought a UK import from Uzbekistan you might have more trouble than others....

Exhaust restrictor

Manifold restrictor

Throttle Slide

When these 3 restrictors are removed (you may have all or none) sprocket settings can be adjusted to increase top speed by putting a larger front sprocket on (but decreasing acceleration) and vice-versa.  0-60 mph should be in the region of 6-7 seconds with a top speed of about 95-100 mph.  A dyno run print out of my fully de-restricted bike will follow.  If my instructions leave you confused then please visit this forum provided by the people at www.nsr125.com to ask any questions.