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Performance Exhaust

The main 2 reasons for installing a new exhaust, these are for power gains and for an exhaust that sounds better.  It should be noted that whenever fitting a non-standard exhaust the manufacturer should be contacted to find out if re-jetting is needed.  Larger jets compensate for the increased air flow.  There are many exhausts which are available for the NSR125RK-N, this is because the exhaust on the NSR125RP-W is exactly the same (although checking with the manufacturer that the mountings will fit would be wise).  Here are contact details for 4 makes of exhaust (none of which are road legal, so don't blame me if the police ask you to take off your nice new can).

Dep end can:-
Distributed by Carnell (07902434445).  Cost of 57.99.  Only an end can so power increase will not be too noticeable.  Should make the bike sound better.

Nikon full systems:-
Distributed from supplier,, 01582 584188.  Costs 175.  A cheap full system which gives a 10% power increase.  Re-jetting is needed.

Arrow full systems:-
The best full system, at a price of 205.  Available at Stan Stephens.

Jolly Moto:-
Not much info on these pipes.  They cost 165 for the alloy can or 202 for the carbon can version.  Can be bought here.